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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Apr-May-June In the spotlight - Trnava

The Municipality of Trnava (64000 inhab.) – an awarded European City of Sport for 2020- is organizing a lot of sport events yearly. Trnava is supporting aprox. 70 sport clubs that also focus on children and youth, organizing various sports events. The city contributes to sports activities, creates challenges and organise events within the VCC project. This way physical activity is promoted among its citizens and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged by the City Council.

Trnava successfully held the VCC Steering Group meeting where the VCC app was launched and the vital cities experience was shared among partners. With VCC app, the city of Trnava and its citizens are reviewing their challenges’ progress made so far, and ensure all engagement activities are running as scheduled. In the scope of this project, the Trnava City Council will try to analyze how the citizens carry out their physical activities, while, at the same time, will learn from the other cities and organisations how to increase the community’s health practices.

What's happening in Sofia?

As in past months the VCC app has been promoted in the media campaign of every event. That includes visual promotion and branding on the Sofia municipality spots around the city and also online promotion for the challenges related to the upcoming events.

The aim is to motivate people to be more active on a daily basis, not just on events or competitions. Joining the VCC platform gives the citizens and guests of Sofia access to useful information and opportunities to join different challenges and to be invited to various events, competitions or happenings.

With the arrival of the summer season, the activity of all residents and guests of the Bulgarian capital Sofia has increased significantly. There are many opportunities for an active lifestyle, and the sports calendar with events of the Foundation "Sofia - European Capital of Sport" also contributes to this. It is, of course, complemented by many accompanying initiatives that enable people to choose the most appropriate and attractive way to experience sports and an active lifestyle according to their interests. Numerous mass events have been held in recent weeks, involving thousands of Sofia residents.

User reactions in Emmen

Within the VCC project, the City of Emmen has launched the app in each of the six regions into which Emmen is divided. A beautiful introduction film was created and shared on social media. The city council has launched several challenges with goals and numerous rewards that were given to activate further the community and its citizens.

The key findings and recommendations for the VCC app were extracted from users reviews.

Connections between physical activity and forming a network were reported to include the key emerging areas of the project: inclusive interventions on sports should be made, although the free local version of the vital city app is well tailored to the needs of the city.

Engagement of the challengers is achieved but also, ongoing, through updates and notifications: the users can review how they are performing, and how their activity is comparing to others. Additional events always enhance the use of the app which further empowers the growth of the “challenge” community and onboards new users. Numbers are expected to increase in size over summer and more users will join the app with a high usage rate.

Calendar of events in Fuenlabrada

Events in the last weeks

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